New Suiteshop + Toolbar

Hello Dollies!
Sorry for not posting in the last time, but I was really busy.

Two days ago stardoll changed the toolbar (chat, broadcast, search & Co.), today they changed the suite-shop design and what I realised today, the "change language" button was above the avatar before ( on the toolbar), now it's under it, but not on the toolbar.

 I don't like the changes. Even the toolbars goes with you, even you're scrolling down, I still scroll up to find the chat, and there ISN'T the chat anymore, thanks, Stardoll, again!
Would it be so hard if they could release the " turn off chat" button again ? I don't think so. I have that feeling that stardoll has got a new boss.

The suite-chat is OKAY, I've got no arguments for saying it is crap, but it will be hard to accustom and the things are harder to find.

As you may have seen,  the language button was, as I said above, on the toolbar, notw it's under the avatar.

What's your opinion of the new changes?

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