MSW 2012 Interview: Semifinalist for USA

Miss Stardoll World may have ended months ago, but now that 2013 is here all people are going to anticipate is for the next MSW 2013. So in order to give you an inside look to prepare you aspiring MSW contestants I am interviewing a number of MSW veteran contestants. This interview is featuring Stardoll member DoogieH!

Q 1: Tells us about yourself, how did you discover stardoll, and describe your stardoll experience! 
DoogieH: Not only young girls play on star doll. I stumbled onto SD accidentally when I was looking for a site with people who shared my interest in designing paper doll clothes. Not just young girls play on star doll. I'm married and love animals of all kinds. I have 2 spoiled cats I adopted from a shelter. My suite has a Rainbow Bridge poem and room dedicated to those who loved and have lost pets. I discovered SD 3 years ago.

Q 2: What would you consider your talent on Stardoll, with all it has to offer, such as designing, interior decorating, fashion, etc? 
DoogieH: One of my talents is designing, and I love to support all the wonderful designers here on SD. Though I design everything, my special love is designing wigs. I never consider other designers as competition because I think we all have something unique to offer.

Q 3: What do you consider are the pro's and con's of being a Stardoll member (non-ss, superstar, royalty)? 
DoogieH: I think the pros of being a Superstar are you get so many benefits and rewards from Stardoll. But the cons are that you are tempted to spend a lot more money! Being a non-ss is challenging because you can't buy many things but it also encourages you to think outside the box and grow in creativity! Even though I achieved Royalty status, people should realize that it is just numbers and how long you have been on star doll and how much time and money you spend here. It is not because you are better than anyone else in any way.
Q 4: If you could change anything about Stardoll what would you change? 
DoogieH: I would probably try not to overload people with too many things at once. Sometimes SD comes out with too many things all at once. For example: People may have spent all their money on a great new Tribute store and then the next day or two LE or something else comes out and we are tap*** *ut of money. 

Q 5: Do you see yourself playing this website in the next 2 years+? 
DoogieH: Yes, because I have made so many friends here and I would hate to lose their friendship.I really miss my friend when they leave Stardoll.

Q 6: What competitions have you won, or are aiming to achieve? 
DoogieH: I've won 3 National Cover Girl Titles and was MSW Semi-Finalist in 2011 and 2012. I also have won awards for my wigs.

Q 7: You are a lucky MSW contestant, what was the experience like for you in a nutshell? DoogieH: you have to spend a lot of money, broadcast, campaign, or create elaborate designs to catch voter's attention? I wasn't even trying to run for MSW. It just happened. I only sent out a few broadcasts. I was lucky to have some of my friends running too and this kept me very grounded. When people are your friends, you are happy when they win. I was just myself and tried to showcase my talents in making unusual outfits. Some of my outfits I made out of flowers or layers of skirts.

Q 8: Are you running for MSW in 2013, and what do you think winning MSW or placing in the top finalists list will do for you, pros and cons wise? 
DoogieH: I don't usually plan to run for MSW it just happens. When one friend told me I was a semi-finalist I was shocked. When I went to see my picture in the MSW spot, I saw my doll dressed only in her underwear. Talk about being embarrassed! I fixed that pretty fast! Being a MSW brings you many new friendships. People join your club and see things you design that maybe no would see if you were not MSW. The cons are I can't be friends with everyone. I take friendship seriously. I want to have time to visit them or to write a personal note. Friends to me are not just a number or a name. Another con is everyone comes to advertise in your guestbook.

Q 9: What tips do you have for anyone who is running for competitions such as Covergirl, MSW, Design, etc? 
DoogieH: Advice I'd give others to win MSW is to treat others in the same way you like to be treated. Be friendly and respectful. Don't always bother others with notes to vote for you or to come to your bazaar. Don't say negative things to people. Try to see the good in everyone. If they say something that is not nice, just realize they may be immature or having a bad day or used to being treated badly themselves. Try to let it go. Try not be jealous. Remember you have wonderful gifts and talents inside you waiting to be discovered. As far as designing, if you design well and advertise a little, eventually you will get a name for yourself and people will visit you to see what new thing you designed. But it doesn't happen overnight. All the broadcasting in the world won't make people buy designs they don't like.

Stay tuned for more interviews dolls! - Suheily90

MSW 2012 INTERVIEW: Semi-finalist for New Zealand

Miss Stardoll World may have ended months ago, but now that 2013 is here all people are going to anticipate is for the next MSW 2013. So in order to give you an inside look to prepare you aspiring MSW contestants I am interviewing a number of MSW veteran contestants. This interview is featuring Stardoll member CuteSueEllen.

Q 1: Tells us about yourself, how did you discover Stardoll, and describe your Stardoll experience!
CuteSueEllen: My niece used to be on Stardoll and really wanted to become a Superstar, so I offered to 'check things out' for her parents....and instead I got hooked : S My SD experience has been fantastic. Initially SD was all about the creative experience (and love for fashion) for me but now I have met lots of lovely people and it has become a bit of a social community as well.

Q 2: What would you consider your talent on Stardoll, with all it has to offer, such as designing, interior decorating, fashion, etc?
CuteSueEllen: I personally think that fashion/styling my doll is my strength out of everything...but that doesn't mean that I think I am better than others at it, just that it is what I think I am best at out of everything.

Q 3: What do you consider are the pro's and con's of being a Stardoll member (non-ss, superstar, royalty)?
CuteSueEllen: At this stage royalty means nothing, there are no benefits really. I have non-superstar friends who are doing a great job on SD, but I wouldn't be around for long if I couldn't be superstar. To me the SD experience is ultimately about the hair, makeup and fashion and to a large extent the decor (in particular real versions like Missoni & Stark + much more). Having said that I support and interact with all members, I speak about what I prefer but I don't judge others at all for the decisions they make or their parents make regarding memberships.

Q 4: If you could change anything about Stardoll what would you change?
CuteSueEllen: I would put the jewelry section of beauty parlour in the suite so you could wear different jewelry in each room. Maybe a posture change of some sort (not using hair). A higher limit on items you can use in design. Being able to turn chat off sometimes..hehe. More building items in decor, wall paper and floors. But in general I trust fully where SD is taking this site, I am a pro change : ) I am relatively new here but the changes have been awesome and more goodies will come I am sure.

Q 5: Do you see yourself playing this website in the next 2 years+?
CuteSueEllen: Yes possibly. Next year I will have some projects on board so maybe not as much...but provided the world is still spinning and I feel it is right I will continue being a member. : )

Q 6: What competitions have you won, or are aiming to achieve?
CuteSueEllen: I have won national covergirl twice, MSW semifinalist, Alpine suite Decor contest, I have had one of my designs in 'hottest right now' category. Ironically (based on me thinking fashion is my strength) I have not managed to get into catwalk yet . I save my doll A LOT but nothing yet. It is a tricky contest to win as you need to meet the taste of a large group of different ages and cultures/styles. I have tried dressing my doll in what I thought others might like on catwalk and that was the most boring thing I have ever done on SD. So I stopped and continued dressing in my style again. I tried out for Covergirl once. I had a strategy and a plan, but I didn't win and ended up spending masses of stardollars for nothing. Because I had broadcasted in European time I didn't even get National Covergirl that day. So I won't be doing that again unless I feel that the timing is perfect and I have oodles of extra stash to spend :D

Q 7: You are a lucky MSW contestant, what was the experience like for you in a nutshell? Did you have to spend a lot of money, broadcast, campaign, or create elaborate designs to catch voter's attention? 
CuteSueEllen: Getting into the semis in MSW was fun. I basically just put my head down and focused on voting others, trusting that they would do the same thing back. When the 100 broadcast limit came I saw my opportunity and picked a day and made my 100 broadcasts, and became national covergirl. I definitely think this helped in winning semis as well as having an UBER clean account. I play by the rules at all times. I styled my doll every day to the best of my ability, sometimes that was hard when I felt uninspired, but I still put an effort in. Once I won semis I realized how hard it was going to be to win finals, which I didn't. The Australian crowd wasn't initially interested in getting involved, but most of us Aussie semis girls were really active promoting ourselves so hopefully for next year it will be easier. I got a massive cold towards the end of the semis and then had friends staying over a whole weekend, and to be honest I think that blew my chances. My real life is more important any day so I was fine with that. 

Q 8: Are you running for MSW in 2013, and what do you think winning MSW or placing in the top finalists list will do for you, pros and cons wise?
CuteSueEllen: I might run 2013. Winning MSW is nothing else but an achievement that comes with a lot of stress as well as recognition. And once the high is over things go back to normal. So I guess what I am saying is that winning MSW is not going to broaden my spiritual development in this life haha but it might be fun for the sake of the game. I read an interview with ceren.gk just before MSW and to me it sounded like she was happy to go back to her normal SD life, so I think winning is great but you need to have the right attitude to not let the constant activity on your account stress you out. 

Q 9: What tips do you have for anyone who is running for competitions such as Covergirl, MSW, Design, etc? 
CuteSueEllen: Be genuinely nice to people, vote them before asking for votes back etc, be happy people like that. Plan your budget and prepare yourself that whatever the outcome is, it is ok. Try and make sense of the contest you are entering and think through a plan of how to accomplish your goal. With designs, do something you like/is popular and spend time on getting the job done exactly how you want it and then promote/sell. Above all have fun, stay positive and be true to yourself.

Q 10: And lastly, do you have any shout outs you want to give out to anyone? 
CuteSueEllen: Look there are so many amazing dollies on SD, in fact everyone is, even the grumpy ones that bite your head off when you vote them 5/5. I like them all and look forward to another year with everyone : )
Thank you for contacting me : ) xox Peace

Thank you CuteSueEllen for you time, you read it here first dolls. Stay tuned for more interviews to come! :)

- Suheily90


Suheily90 talks 12/12/12 and on Stardoll's latest changes

Hello readers, I am Suheily90 and on behalf of my co-writers I'd like to apologize for the lack of posts! We promise more is on the way. Duly note this blog doesn't report daily news but rather discuss Stardoll and it's service as a whole. 

Today is December 12, 2012, and when I log on Stardoll I am consciously ready for what it might generously throw at me, don't ask me why I just had a hunch, and am pleased to see their recent update to the site:

More starpoints and daily earned starcoins for members!

(Picture credit goes to me suheily90)

Paying members now can earn up to 90 sc and 18 sp on a daily basis,
 whereas before we would earn 14 sp and 50 sc daily. 

Non-paying members can earn up to 60 sc now (40 sc before) and 14 sp (12 sp before).

This update is both helpful and gratifying for paying and non paying members alike. 
I seriously felt spoiled for a minute there!

Unfortunately here comes what you've been waiting to hear, yes the bad news:


My initial reaction was to click on the 'Exterminate account' button. Just kidding. But, seriously these schemes and clever ploys to "give us and taketh away", on 12/12/12 of all dates, got tiresome a long time ago. Considering this website targets a demographic from 7 to 17 years old, and all of the money it sucks out of advertising, and their recent brush with being pulled into court by the Swedish gov't, you'd think these people would tone it down a bit. I am not saying these changes hold any relevance to the legal issues Stardoll is having (which I will get into more in depth detail in a later post, promise!) But I am certain these updates are influenced by the third big change that is coming soon: Stardoll Academy perhaps? If your demographic is aimed at children and minors, "Y U NO LOWER YOUR PRICES?!"  If you know about economics, you'd know the higher the demand the higher the prices. So I guess that answers that question, but it doesn't justify how ridiculous this is getting. I wish Stardoll would just get rid of the retched starcoin currency and go back to good old stardolla'. Of course, that won't be happening anytime soon. Stardoll is a business and it will keep doing what it does best; making money off of "children" and the % of adults that use their service. Stardoll hasn't released any statements that I am aware as of yet, so we don't know for sure if this is permanent.

What do you think of this recent update, and of what's more to come? 
Let me know in the comments!

- Suheily90

 P.S. I will be updating the blog with more juicy posts, and cool interviews soon. Stay tuned dollies~


Stardoll HB hairstyles ?

Unfortunately, these aren't the Hotbuys of the next month. They are from July 2010. 

Do you see this hairstyle ?  It has never existed. Why ? Nobody knows. It's really lovely, isn't it ? 
Why doesn't  Stardoll release it ? Will the hairstyles of the hotbuys spoilers be the next starpoints rewards, after level 71 ?
This spoiler is from 29 months ago. I hoped and thought it will be released soon. But now, after 2 years, I'm still waiting for it.

What about you ? 
Do you want these hairstyles? Let me know!


SORRY for not blogging in the last time, but I have got so many exams this weeks, I'm so stressed !

Well, I know, Harrods exists since a while but.. what do YOU think of it ?
I mean the Stardoll version - not the real life.

In my opinion, Harrods is GREAT. But not on Stardoll. Why ?
There are only the "Kids" versions of the shop. They are not as nice as the usual ones.
Do you remember Sonia Rykiel Tribute ? The clothes where nice. You see the Kids version - Rykiel Enfant? It's horrible.

Don’t happen to live anywhere near London but want to shop at Harrods, anyway? Well, it appears that you are in luck. Well, at least your avatar is.
Fashion-centric social network Stardoll has partnered with the famed 178-year old, five-acre department store to sell virtual copies of some of its children's wear to the avatars within the game,Brand Republic reports. The virtual Harrods store features digital replicas of designs by Harrods' real-world kids' clothing partners, including Chloe, Junior Gaultier and Rykiel Enfant.
Stardoll members can participate in a contest by making their own Harrods moodboard, such as this example:" 

What do you think is better ? Adults or kids versions ? Let me know!


Hot Buys Faux Fur Coat

Hello Dollies ♥
The first hotbuy this month is out: the HB Faux Fur Coat.
It costs 21 and the quality is good.
I think it's too expesive but I've bought it, I like it and it matches to my winter outfit, hehe!

I will start to give points!

Price: 5
Beauty: 8
=> 7,7 points

What do you think of it ? 

Let me know!!


Hi there!

Hi guys! Im Steve, but on sd, you can know me like Zhanetta. Also, you can know me from Underneathstardoll.net. On this blog, i'll posting news, interviews, and personal coments (maybe sd graphics). Hope, youll be happy from my posts! 

NOW, I want to show you my new graphics! Its LADY GAGA! Hope, youll like it :) 

xoxo Steve <3

New Suiteshop + Toolbar

Hello Dollies!
Sorry for not posting in the last time, but I was really busy.

Two days ago stardoll changed the toolbar (chat, broadcast, search & Co.), today they changed the suite-shop design and what I realised today, the "change language" button was above the avatar before ( on the toolbar), now it's under it, but not on the toolbar.

 I don't like the changes. Even the toolbars goes with you, even you're scrolling down, I still scroll up to find the chat, and there ISN'T the chat anymore, thanks, Stardoll, again!
Would it be so hard if they could release the " turn off chat" button again ? I don't think so. I have that feeling that stardoll has got a new boss.

The suite-chat is OKAY, I've got no arguments for saying it is crap, but it will be hard to accustom and the things are harder to find.

As you may have seen,  the language button was, as I said above, on the toolbar, notw it's under the avatar.

What's your opinion of the new changes?


REVIEW: October Hotbuys

Today the last hotbuy of October 2012 has been released, so I will make a review of that month in the topic "Hotbuys".

If you ask ME, I don´t like that "wings necklace". 
It´s unelegant and ugly - my opinion, but think what you want!
 That´s what I bought this month:  

Honestly, I regret that I bought the platforms, because I think I´m never gonna wear them, so I can´t wait to sell them - oh - I forgot - I´m a collector.. 
Except of it, I like all what I bought - oh sorry, I forgot: I have got the bandeau dress too, but I forgot to take it in the picture. 
What do you think of the hotbuys of October ? 
Let me know!


Stardoll History

Heyy, I'm aoifegurl aka Aoife and I'm a new author here !

Stardoll History!

Stardoll was first launched in 2004 , it is based around a paper doll concept. Stardoll first appeared as Paperdoll Heaven in 2004 as a personal page about paper dolls, on Geocities. Creator, Liisa Wrang ( Finnish housekeeper)wanted to bring to girls a place where "they could get away from the shooting and killing games that boys played". It expanded in 2006 after receiving venture funding from Index Ventures and Sequoia Capital. Relaunched in 2006, the site targets a demographic of girls and boys between the ages of 9 and 17, who can either register for free or sign up for a paid account (called a 'Superstar' account) that opens a number of aspects on the site. It currently has more than 200 million members worldwide.   

Old and new Fashion stardoll stores:

DKNY, Amy Claire, DVF tribute, ELLE, MKA, Stuff by Hilary Duff, Louis Vuitton, Migliukee for Stardoll, St Trinians 2, Vivienne Tam, Stardoll and the City, Baby Phat, Moschino Tribute, Otto, Burlesque, JCP , Limited Edition, Versus Tribute, Chanel Tribute, Philosophy, Just Cavalli Tribute Store, Archive, Alice and Olivia Tribute, DIY Boutique, Antidote, Stylein, Mortal Kiss, Monte Carlo, Dsigned, Milly and Becky, Abbey Dawn, Gucci Holiday Tribute, UGG, Decade of the Teen, OlysenBoye, Miss Sixty, Miss Stardoll World Store, Pretty In Pink Heart Shop, Shake It Up, Killah , It Girls, Bonjour Bisou, Pretty n love (formally pretty in pink), PPQ, Velvet Orchid, ApresSki, Riviera, MM Fashion, Young Hollywood, Sea Of Stars, Wild Candy, Original Future, Windows Of The World, Decades, Evil Panda, Tingeling, Voile, MR., Rio, Fallen Angel, Basics, Other World, ChloƩ, Junior Gaultier, Rykiel Enfant, SuperTrash Girls, Nicholas Kirkwood Tribute, Herve Leger Tribute, Dolce and Gabbana Tribute, Jordache, Kohls, Jean paul Gaultier Tribute, Givenchy Tribute, Frankie Morello Tribute, Anna Sui Tribute, Tingeling Halloween Edition, Voile Holiday Shop.

Starpoints & Levels:
Since I began my addictive journey on stardoll there has been many changes, From Starpoints to levels. Personally I think the whole level up situation is a good idea because it is much more easier to achieve new levels as it was starpoints. One of the many advantages of having levels I think are the hairs one gets to unlock as they progress! 
           Here are some examples of the system regarding hair:

Old Starpoint Hair System:
New Level Hair System:

Starcoins :
It’s easier to earn Starcoins! You can earn up to 40 Starcoins per day doing all the activities that you already love on Stardoll. You can save up to 1000 Starcoins, and they won’t expire! Now everyone can recycle! And even more than 1 item per day! Earn vs. Own: Although you can only own up to 1000 Starcoins at any time, you can always earn up to 40 Starcoins per day! Stardollars can be changed into Starcoins, but Starcoins cannot be changed into Stardollars. If your Superstar membership expires, your Stardollars will not automatically convert into Starcoins. Superstars can exchange Stardollars to Starcoins free of charge. Previously subscribing Superstars will be charged a 10% commission on the amount they exchange. All prices in Starplaza and StarBazaar have been designated as Starcoins (purple coins) and Stardollars (gold coin). The exchange rate is 1 Stardollar = 10 Starcoins. 

 (Taken from stardoll blog)

Suite: :

When I first joined all stardoll had to offer was one room (Closet room) , of course that's if you weren't superstar, over the years stardoll has expanded it's Suite rooms, there is so much more to offer like:
Millionaire Mansion : 249 stardollars
Alpine Chalet : 249 stardollars
Panorama Room: 199 stardollars
Beach Villa: 249 stardollars
Extra rooms (2 per purchase) : 99 stardollars
Penthouse : 199 stardollars

I hoped you enjoyed my first post! 

MSW: Interview with oni_av13

This is my first post.  I am Tiana , my doll is superchica . This is my first interview with oni_av13, the finalist of Romania. Hope you like it !

THE REVIEW : First of all , Congratulations ! Oana , can you tell us more about oni_av13 behind stardoll ?
Oni_av13 : Sure I can . Well I'm 15 years old and I'm from a big city in Romania , Cluj Napoca . My passions are drawing and painting , I can't say I hate school , I'm kinda good at maths and geography . I'm an active person and I have alot of energy . As you can see I'm addicted to Stardoll since 2009, when I joined.
THE REVIEW : Is this your first time when you were running for MSW ? Or you have been running for this in the past years ?
Oni_av13 : No, it's not the first time I tried to get to the finals . The last year I tried too , but I failed and this year I was more motivated to do it and I belived in my chances and I did it.
THE REVIEW : What do you think about last years finalist from Romania , Luckyangelgrl ?
Oni_av13 : Well I was a little bit disappointed because even if I was from Romania she didn't support me in the finals , but I can't judge her because is her opinion and I can't change it . I think she she deserved her place in the finals because her doll is really amazing
THE REVIEW : There were people who said you didn't deserve to be in the final. what exactly happend ?
Oni_av13 : Haha sure , alot of people told me that I don't deserve it , but I really don't know why . Some of my ex-friends told me that and of course I was surprised to hear that from them . I can't be liked by everybody because we all have different styles but haters gonna hate I can't do anything about them.
THE REVIEW : What do you think about the new MSW , ashleesoul ?
Oni_av13 : She's really amazing , and she totally deserves it!
THE REVIEW : What about the second placed and third placed girls ?
Oni_av13 : In my opinion they are all great and her creativity leaves you breathless.
THE REVIEW : Once again : Congratulations! Thank you soo much it was a honor to talk to you!
Oni_av13: Thank you, too! :)

Graphic: CATWALK

Hello Dollies,

I made a graphic with GIMP and Photoshop, what do you think of it ?


New make-up store: Transform

Hey dollies!
There is a new make-up store out on Stardoll, its name is "TRANSFORM". 
I won't buy anything, because they are overpriced => they cost more than dot and they don't look good. 
A liner costs 20 sd, come on! I paid for LUXE so much because of the graphics and the glitter. 
The logo and the make-ups are unprofessional made, like I said above. I thought it´s gonna be a campaign store, in starcoins! 

                                                          Well, will you buy something ? 
 Let me know! 


MSW: Interview with nelly000esparis

Suheily, Tiana and I will interview some of the finalists of MSW 2012!

I´m starting with nelly000esparis aka Gabija, the finalist of Lithuania.

credit: nelly000esparis 's presentation

First, would you like to introduce yourself?
Hey, I am Gabija (Gabi in stardoll ) from Lithuania. I am 15 years old girl (11/11 will be 16), who plays Stardoll for over 4 years now.
You archieved something that only 40 dolls have archieved this year: B
eing in the finals of the Miss Stardoll World contest! You´re place 16! How did you feel when you first saw you´re in the semi-finals, then in the finals and then place 16 ? Think of it, you´re the most visited lithuanian girl on Stardoll!

That was a really wonderful surprise to me, especially because this year I haven‘t asked for a single vote (unlike last year ), so I really wasn‘t thinking of making It to semi, but when the results showed up, It made me really happy! I enjoyed being in semi a lot, because I thought getting the most votes from my continent was impossible, while there were gorgeous and well known dolls competing with me. The day I logged into Stardoll, when all the finalists were clear, I firstly went to my doll‘s suite and saw people that were competing with me comments saying congratulations! Then I clicked on MSW page, where were shown all the finalists and I was so surprised! I thought I will never make It to the final, so that really made my day :D! It inspired me to create something new, so I decided to make some clothes and a pose for my doll using stardesign hair feature. After these few days of joy, here showed up the results! I was so happy to see myself in 16th place! Through all these years of playing stardoll It is my highest achievement so far!
Many people say you cant attain something at MSW or being a Covergirl without tons of stardollars! Whats your opinion ? You were both: a finalist at MSW and a Covergirl. Be honest: Did you advertise?

Well, there is some truth in that, but usually people say that before winning It. We shouldn‘t forget that most of people win covergirl by placing the highest places in daily catwalk or stardesign competitions. The day before I won covergirl, I placed 2nd place in catwalk, so that‘s why the next day I became a covergirl. For MSW competition I didn‘t advertise myself at all too, because that is something useless in my opinion, while practically everyone is advertising her/him self, It wouldn‘t give any goods. The only thing I was doing while some other people were advertising themselfs, I kept redressing my doll, to make It interesting for the voters‘s eyes .
Why do you think have you been voted ?

I am not sure, but some votes I know I got from some friends that supported me and while I was in semi, I kept changing my doll‘s looks, so maybe some of looks fitted different people‘s styles and that‘s how I got the votes from them :].
Who was your favourite finalist, except of you ?

There were 2 of them who I was sure will get the highest places this year. That is rojda32, because of her wonderful suite and everyday surprising looks and Kylie_angel, who looked like a perfect doll for MSW competition, her outfits were stunning aswell!
What would you recommend the other girls on Stardoll ? What was your secret ? How can they make it into the final round at the MSW contest next year ?

The first thing I think people would need to do is to decorate their suites, at least of few rooms. Secondly, their doll should look different apart from others, for example I was one of few dark dolls in semi and final, which may could of make me stand out and be more seenable. Of course, I am not saying that you should change your current there are many ways to make your doll look different, for example this year, the most popular way was creating clothes/poses for your doll using stardesign hairupdate, because you can make an original look, dresses or poses that none else has.

Would you like to add something else ? :)
If you always wanted to achieve something, never give up and don‘t forget to put a lot of work to make It, so people one day can say:“She derserves It“!

Thank you for letting me interview you!
;D Thank You!

There are more interviews with finalists coming!

November Hotbuys Spoiler!

Hello Dollies,

Stardoll published the spoiler about the 10 Hotbuys of the next month.
Like always, they are pink and purple. 
Well, I think they are okay.  I like the furry purse, the two pair of shoes,the drape scarf and the background, it´s so secretful! The faux fur coat is okay.
I don´t like the other things. They´re unelegant. Stardoll is there to wear things which we wouldn´t ever wear in real life: extravagant clothes, well, for some of us. 


The first hotbuy in the shops will be the coat, on November, 2nd.

I think the ones from last year (November) were way better, especially the colors! What do you think ? 
Hot or Not ? Vote in the poll! 



Snow white just became real!

 I must share it with you!
By looking through medolls, I found wwwhhhiiitteee !

Her whole page is white: her doll, her presentation, her sceneries, all!

I would turn crazy if my suite would be so white! I know, white is the color of peace, but when it´s too much, it´s really too much. 

But she did a great jobs, and when I read her presentation, I see she made many archievements, even she's only level 30 !

3/3/10: 4th Place Scenery Winner
3/2/10: 2nd Place Scenery Winner
3/1/10: 4th Place Covergirl
2/28/10: 1st Place Scenery Winner
2/27/10: 2nd Place Scenery Winner
2/7/10: 5th Place Scenery Winner

What do you think of her ? Would you make your medoll white ?
If you will ever make a bet with someone, to make your medoll white, then think about what a white MeDoll is! 

The First Word

Dear readers,
First, I just want to say that I am very thankful that you visited my blog. Perhaps you know me, I´m Clara_Clary, or perhaps you saw my doll the first time when I have avertised about my blog.
I had many blogs until now, but without success. Maybe this blog will be a success, maybe not, but everything is possible.
I think you´re confused, because you don´t know what this blog is about
- It´s all about Stardoll - about the new features, news & Co. No, I´m not gonna post spoilers or free items - I´m gonna make reviews about the new things, like Hotbuys, shops, etc. Well, maybe not only stardoll, but fashion & trends, too. That´s why the blog is named " THE REVIEW" .
Now, I don´t have many things to say.
I hope you are not gonna regret that you read it.
Oh yes, I just remembered:  more writers would be nice! Contact me in my guestbook.

Hotbuys - all about - Hotbuys !

It all began 71 months ago, with the December 2006 hotbuys.

Not my favourite ones, but hotbuys began to get better and better, and then, uglier. 
Nowadays there is TOO much pink, purple & blue. I like those colors, but this is TOO much.
The second problem is, they are overpriced. 20 sd for a simple T-shirt ? Well, the only hope is that in 5 years they will be rare, but when I look at them, I don´t think so. 
When I was new on Stardoll, early 2009, I didn´t give so much attention to hotbuys, because I couldn´t buy them since I wasn´t a superstar. But I remember, there were some hotbuys boots, in February 2009, they appeared on the same day I signed up! They cost 5 sd and they were for non-superstars, too!

Yes, I know, now when starcoins appeared, stardoll changed eevrything that was for non-superstars in starcoins, even it was worth 5 sd = 50 starcoins, not 5
Well, that´s stardoll and we can´t change it, right ?
So what you should remember => hotbuys became ugly (with exceptions) and overpriced (without exceptions).