MSW 2012 INTERVIEW: Semi-finalist for New Zealand

Miss Stardoll World may have ended months ago, but now that 2013 is here all people are going to anticipate is for the next MSW 2013. So in order to give you an inside look to prepare you aspiring MSW contestants I am interviewing a number of MSW veteran contestants. This interview is featuring Stardoll member CuteSueEllen.

Q 1: Tells us about yourself, how did you discover Stardoll, and describe your Stardoll experience!
CuteSueEllen: My niece used to be on Stardoll and really wanted to become a Superstar, so I offered to 'check things out' for her parents....and instead I got hooked : S My SD experience has been fantastic. Initially SD was all about the creative experience (and love for fashion) for me but now I have met lots of lovely people and it has become a bit of a social community as well.

Q 2: What would you consider your talent on Stardoll, with all it has to offer, such as designing, interior decorating, fashion, etc?
CuteSueEllen: I personally think that fashion/styling my doll is my strength out of everything...but that doesn't mean that I think I am better than others at it, just that it is what I think I am best at out of everything.

Q 3: What do you consider are the pro's and con's of being a Stardoll member (non-ss, superstar, royalty)?
CuteSueEllen: At this stage royalty means nothing, there are no benefits really. I have non-superstar friends who are doing a great job on SD, but I wouldn't be around for long if I couldn't be superstar. To me the SD experience is ultimately about the hair, makeup and fashion and to a large extent the decor (in particular real versions like Missoni & Stark + much more). Having said that I support and interact with all members, I speak about what I prefer but I don't judge others at all for the decisions they make or their parents make regarding memberships.

Q 4: If you could change anything about Stardoll what would you change?
CuteSueEllen: I would put the jewelry section of beauty parlour in the suite so you could wear different jewelry in each room. Maybe a posture change of some sort (not using hair). A higher limit on items you can use in design. Being able to turn chat off sometimes..hehe. More building items in decor, wall paper and floors. But in general I trust fully where SD is taking this site, I am a pro change : ) I am relatively new here but the changes have been awesome and more goodies will come I am sure.

Q 5: Do you see yourself playing this website in the next 2 years+?
CuteSueEllen: Yes possibly. Next year I will have some projects on board so maybe not as much...but provided the world is still spinning and I feel it is right I will continue being a member. : )

Q 6: What competitions have you won, or are aiming to achieve?
CuteSueEllen: I have won national covergirl twice, MSW semifinalist, Alpine suite Decor contest, I have had one of my designs in 'hottest right now' category. Ironically (based on me thinking fashion is my strength) I have not managed to get into catwalk yet . I save my doll A LOT but nothing yet. It is a tricky contest to win as you need to meet the taste of a large group of different ages and cultures/styles. I have tried dressing my doll in what I thought others might like on catwalk and that was the most boring thing I have ever done on SD. So I stopped and continued dressing in my style again. I tried out for Covergirl once. I had a strategy and a plan, but I didn't win and ended up spending masses of stardollars for nothing. Because I had broadcasted in European time I didn't even get National Covergirl that day. So I won't be doing that again unless I feel that the timing is perfect and I have oodles of extra stash to spend :D

Q 7: You are a lucky MSW contestant, what was the experience like for you in a nutshell? Did you have to spend a lot of money, broadcast, campaign, or create elaborate designs to catch voter's attention? 
CuteSueEllen: Getting into the semis in MSW was fun. I basically just put my head down and focused on voting others, trusting that they would do the same thing back. When the 100 broadcast limit came I saw my opportunity and picked a day and made my 100 broadcasts, and became national covergirl. I definitely think this helped in winning semis as well as having an UBER clean account. I play by the rules at all times. I styled my doll every day to the best of my ability, sometimes that was hard when I felt uninspired, but I still put an effort in. Once I won semis I realized how hard it was going to be to win finals, which I didn't. The Australian crowd wasn't initially interested in getting involved, but most of us Aussie semis girls were really active promoting ourselves so hopefully for next year it will be easier. I got a massive cold towards the end of the semis and then had friends staying over a whole weekend, and to be honest I think that blew my chances. My real life is more important any day so I was fine with that. 

Q 8: Are you running for MSW in 2013, and what do you think winning MSW or placing in the top finalists list will do for you, pros and cons wise?
CuteSueEllen: I might run 2013. Winning MSW is nothing else but an achievement that comes with a lot of stress as well as recognition. And once the high is over things go back to normal. So I guess what I am saying is that winning MSW is not going to broaden my spiritual development in this life haha but it might be fun for the sake of the game. I read an interview with ceren.gk just before MSW and to me it sounded like she was happy to go back to her normal SD life, so I think winning is great but you need to have the right attitude to not let the constant activity on your account stress you out. 

Q 9: What tips do you have for anyone who is running for competitions such as Covergirl, MSW, Design, etc? 
CuteSueEllen: Be genuinely nice to people, vote them before asking for votes back etc, be happy people like that. Plan your budget and prepare yourself that whatever the outcome is, it is ok. Try and make sense of the contest you are entering and think through a plan of how to accomplish your goal. With designs, do something you like/is popular and spend time on getting the job done exactly how you want it and then promote/sell. Above all have fun, stay positive and be true to yourself.

Q 10: And lastly, do you have any shout outs you want to give out to anyone? 
CuteSueEllen: Look there are so many amazing dollies on SD, in fact everyone is, even the grumpy ones that bite your head off when you vote them 5/5. I like them all and look forward to another year with everyone : )
Thank you for contacting me : ) xox Peace

Thank you CuteSueEllen for you time, you read it here first dolls. Stay tuned for more interviews to come! :)

- Suheily90

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