MSW 2012 Interview: Semifinalist for USA

Miss Stardoll World may have ended months ago, but now that 2013 is here all people are going to anticipate is for the next MSW 2013. So in order to give you an inside look to prepare you aspiring MSW contestants I am interviewing a number of MSW veteran contestants. This interview is featuring Stardoll member DoogieH!

Q 1: Tells us about yourself, how did you discover stardoll, and describe your stardoll experience! 
DoogieH: Not only young girls play on star doll. I stumbled onto SD accidentally when I was looking for a site with people who shared my interest in designing paper doll clothes. Not just young girls play on star doll. I'm married and love animals of all kinds. I have 2 spoiled cats I adopted from a shelter. My suite has a Rainbow Bridge poem and room dedicated to those who loved and have lost pets. I discovered SD 3 years ago.

Q 2: What would you consider your talent on Stardoll, with all it has to offer, such as designing, interior decorating, fashion, etc? 
DoogieH: One of my talents is designing, and I love to support all the wonderful designers here on SD. Though I design everything, my special love is designing wigs. I never consider other designers as competition because I think we all have something unique to offer.

Q 3: What do you consider are the pro's and con's of being a Stardoll member (non-ss, superstar, royalty)? 
DoogieH: I think the pros of being a Superstar are you get so many benefits and rewards from Stardoll. But the cons are that you are tempted to spend a lot more money! Being a non-ss is challenging because you can't buy many things but it also encourages you to think outside the box and grow in creativity! Even though I achieved Royalty status, people should realize that it is just numbers and how long you have been on star doll and how much time and money you spend here. It is not because you are better than anyone else in any way.
Q 4: If you could change anything about Stardoll what would you change? 
DoogieH: I would probably try not to overload people with too many things at once. Sometimes SD comes out with too many things all at once. For example: People may have spent all their money on a great new Tribute store and then the next day or two LE or something else comes out and we are tap*** *ut of money. 

Q 5: Do you see yourself playing this website in the next 2 years+? 
DoogieH: Yes, because I have made so many friends here and I would hate to lose their friendship.I really miss my friend when they leave Stardoll.

Q 6: What competitions have you won, or are aiming to achieve? 
DoogieH: I've won 3 National Cover Girl Titles and was MSW Semi-Finalist in 2011 and 2012. I also have won awards for my wigs.

Q 7: You are a lucky MSW contestant, what was the experience like for you in a nutshell? DoogieH: you have to spend a lot of money, broadcast, campaign, or create elaborate designs to catch voter's attention? I wasn't even trying to run for MSW. It just happened. I only sent out a few broadcasts. I was lucky to have some of my friends running too and this kept me very grounded. When people are your friends, you are happy when they win. I was just myself and tried to showcase my talents in making unusual outfits. Some of my outfits I made out of flowers or layers of skirts.

Q 8: Are you running for MSW in 2013, and what do you think winning MSW or placing in the top finalists list will do for you, pros and cons wise? 
DoogieH: I don't usually plan to run for MSW it just happens. When one friend told me I was a semi-finalist I was shocked. When I went to see my picture in the MSW spot, I saw my doll dressed only in her underwear. Talk about being embarrassed! I fixed that pretty fast! Being a MSW brings you many new friendships. People join your club and see things you design that maybe no would see if you were not MSW. The cons are I can't be friends with everyone. I take friendship seriously. I want to have time to visit them or to write a personal note. Friends to me are not just a number or a name. Another con is everyone comes to advertise in your guestbook.

Q 9: What tips do you have for anyone who is running for competitions such as Covergirl, MSW, Design, etc? 
DoogieH: Advice I'd give others to win MSW is to treat others in the same way you like to be treated. Be friendly and respectful. Don't always bother others with notes to vote for you or to come to your bazaar. Don't say negative things to people. Try to see the good in everyone. If they say something that is not nice, just realize they may be immature or having a bad day or used to being treated badly themselves. Try to let it go. Try not be jealous. Remember you have wonderful gifts and talents inside you waiting to be discovered. As far as designing, if you design well and advertise a little, eventually you will get a name for yourself and people will visit you to see what new thing you designed. But it doesn't happen overnight. All the broadcasting in the world won't make people buy designs they don't like.

Stay tuned for more interviews dolls! - Suheily90

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