Hotbuys - all about - Hotbuys !

It all began 71 months ago, with the December 2006 hotbuys.

Not my favourite ones, but hotbuys began to get better and better, and then, uglier. 
Nowadays there is TOO much pink, purple & blue. I like those colors, but this is TOO much.
The second problem is, they are overpriced. 20 sd for a simple T-shirt ? Well, the only hope is that in 5 years they will be rare, but when I look at them, I don´t think so. 
When I was new on Stardoll, early 2009, I didn´t give so much attention to hotbuys, because I couldn´t buy them since I wasn´t a superstar. But I remember, there were some hotbuys boots, in February 2009, they appeared on the same day I signed up! They cost 5 sd and they were for non-superstars, too!

Yes, I know, now when starcoins appeared, stardoll changed eevrything that was for non-superstars in starcoins, even it was worth 5 sd = 50 starcoins, not 5
Well, that´s stardoll and we can´t change it, right ?
So what you should remember => hotbuys became ugly (with exceptions) and overpriced (without exceptions). 

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