November Hotbuys Spoiler!

Hello Dollies,

Stardoll published the spoiler about the 10 Hotbuys of the next month.
Like always, they are pink and purple. 
Well, I think they are okay.  I like the furry purse, the two pair of shoes,the drape scarf and the background, it´s so secretful! The faux fur coat is okay.
I don´t like the other things. They´re unelegant. Stardoll is there to wear things which we wouldn´t ever wear in real life: extravagant clothes, well, for some of us. 


The first hotbuy in the shops will be the coat, on November, 2nd.

I think the ones from last year (November) were way better, especially the colors! What do you think ? 
Hot or Not ? Vote in the poll! 



  1. Loveeee it ;3 ;3 . Good job clara .

  2. 2011 HB were better^-^ Even though,i'd totally buy the furry purse.I'm in love with FURRR:)):x