The First Word

Dear readers,
First, I just want to say that I am very thankful that you visited my blog. Perhaps you know me, I´m Clara_Clary, or perhaps you saw my doll the first time when I have avertised about my blog.
I had many blogs until now, but without success. Maybe this blog will be a success, maybe not, but everything is possible.
I think you´re confused, because you don´t know what this blog is about
- It´s all about Stardoll - about the new features, news & Co. No, I´m not gonna post spoilers or free items - I´m gonna make reviews about the new things, like Hotbuys, shops, etc. Well, maybe not only stardoll, but fashion & trends, too. That´s why the blog is named " THE REVIEW" .
Now, I don´t have many things to say.
I hope you are not gonna regret that you read it.
Oh yes, I just remembered:  more writers would be nice! Contact me in my guestbook.

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