MSW: Interview with oni_av13

This is my first post.  I am Tiana , my doll is superchica . This is my first interview with oni_av13, the finalist of Romania. Hope you like it !

THE REVIEW : First of all , Congratulations ! Oana , can you tell us more about oni_av13 behind stardoll ?
Oni_av13 : Sure I can . Well I'm 15 years old and I'm from a big city in Romania , Cluj Napoca . My passions are drawing and painting , I can't say I hate school , I'm kinda good at maths and geography . I'm an active person and I have alot of energy . As you can see I'm addicted to Stardoll since 2009, when I joined.
THE REVIEW : Is this your first time when you were running for MSW ? Or you have been running for this in the past years ?
Oni_av13 : No, it's not the first time I tried to get to the finals . The last year I tried too , but I failed and this year I was more motivated to do it and I belived in my chances and I did it.
THE REVIEW : What do you think about last years finalist from Romania , Luckyangelgrl ?
Oni_av13 : Well I was a little bit disappointed because even if I was from Romania she didn't support me in the finals , but I can't judge her because is her opinion and I can't change it . I think she she deserved her place in the finals because her doll is really amazing
THE REVIEW : There were people who said you didn't deserve to be in the final. what exactly happend ?
Oni_av13 : Haha sure , alot of people told me that I don't deserve it , but I really don't know why . Some of my ex-friends told me that and of course I was surprised to hear that from them . I can't be liked by everybody because we all have different styles but haters gonna hate I can't do anything about them.
THE REVIEW : What do you think about the new MSW , ashleesoul ?
Oni_av13 : She's really amazing , and she totally deserves it!
THE REVIEW : What about the second placed and third placed girls ?
Oni_av13 : In my opinion they are all great and her creativity leaves you breathless.
THE REVIEW : Once again : Congratulations! Thank you soo much it was a honor to talk to you!
Oni_av13: Thank you, too! :)

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