Stardoll History

Heyy, I'm aoifegurl aka Aoife and I'm a new author here !

Stardoll History!

Stardoll was first launched in 2004 , it is based around a paper doll concept. Stardoll first appeared as Paperdoll Heaven in 2004 as a personal page about paper dolls, on Geocities. Creator, Liisa Wrang ( Finnish housekeeper)wanted to bring to girls a place where "they could get away from the shooting and killing games that boys played". It expanded in 2006 after receiving venture funding from Index Ventures and Sequoia Capital. Relaunched in 2006, the site targets a demographic of girls and boys between the ages of 9 and 17, who can either register for free or sign up for a paid account (called a 'Superstar' account) that opens a number of aspects on the site. It currently has more than 200 million members worldwide.   

Old and new Fashion stardoll stores:

DKNY, Amy Claire, DVF tribute, ELLE, MKA, Stuff by Hilary Duff, Louis Vuitton, Migliukee for Stardoll, St Trinians 2, Vivienne Tam, Stardoll and the City, Baby Phat, Moschino Tribute, Otto, Burlesque, JCP , Limited Edition, Versus Tribute, Chanel Tribute, Philosophy, Just Cavalli Tribute Store, Archive, Alice and Olivia Tribute, DIY Boutique, Antidote, Stylein, Mortal Kiss, Monte Carlo, Dsigned, Milly and Becky, Abbey Dawn, Gucci Holiday Tribute, UGG, Decade of the Teen, OlysenBoye, Miss Sixty, Miss Stardoll World Store, Pretty In Pink Heart Shop, Shake It Up, Killah , It Girls, Bonjour Bisou, Pretty n love (formally pretty in pink), PPQ, Velvet Orchid, ApresSki, Riviera, MM Fashion, Young Hollywood, Sea Of Stars, Wild Candy, Original Future, Windows Of The World, Decades, Evil Panda, Tingeling, Voile, MR., Rio, Fallen Angel, Basics, Other World, ChloƩ, Junior Gaultier, Rykiel Enfant, SuperTrash Girls, Nicholas Kirkwood Tribute, Herve Leger Tribute, Dolce and Gabbana Tribute, Jordache, Kohls, Jean paul Gaultier Tribute, Givenchy Tribute, Frankie Morello Tribute, Anna Sui Tribute, Tingeling Halloween Edition, Voile Holiday Shop.

Starpoints & Levels:
Since I began my addictive journey on stardoll there has been many changes, From Starpoints to levels. Personally I think the whole level up situation is a good idea because it is much more easier to achieve new levels as it was starpoints. One of the many advantages of having levels I think are the hairs one gets to unlock as they progress! 
           Here are some examples of the system regarding hair:

Old Starpoint Hair System:
New Level Hair System:

Starcoins :
It’s easier to earn Starcoins! You can earn up to 40 Starcoins per day doing all the activities that you already love on Stardoll. You can save up to 1000 Starcoins, and they won’t expire! Now everyone can recycle! And even more than 1 item per day! Earn vs. Own: Although you can only own up to 1000 Starcoins at any time, you can always earn up to 40 Starcoins per day! Stardollars can be changed into Starcoins, but Starcoins cannot be changed into Stardollars. If your Superstar membership expires, your Stardollars will not automatically convert into Starcoins. Superstars can exchange Stardollars to Starcoins free of charge. Previously subscribing Superstars will be charged a 10% commission on the amount they exchange. All prices in Starplaza and StarBazaar have been designated as Starcoins (purple coins) and Stardollars (gold coin). The exchange rate is 1 Stardollar = 10 Starcoins. 

 (Taken from stardoll blog)

Suite: :

When I first joined all stardoll had to offer was one room (Closet room) , of course that's if you weren't superstar, over the years stardoll has expanded it's Suite rooms, there is so much more to offer like:
Millionaire Mansion : 249 stardollars
Alpine Chalet : 249 stardollars
Panorama Room: 199 stardollars
Beach Villa: 249 stardollars
Extra rooms (2 per purchase) : 99 stardollars
Penthouse : 199 stardollars

I hoped you enjoyed my first post! 

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