Snow white just became real!

 I must share it with you!
By looking through medolls, I found wwwhhhiiitteee !

Her whole page is white: her doll, her presentation, her sceneries, all!

I would turn crazy if my suite would be so white! I know, white is the color of peace, but when it´s too much, it´s really too much. 

But she did a great jobs, and when I read her presentation, I see she made many archievements, even she's only level 30 !

3/3/10: 4th Place Scenery Winner
3/2/10: 2nd Place Scenery Winner
3/1/10: 4th Place Covergirl
2/28/10: 1st Place Scenery Winner
2/27/10: 2nd Place Scenery Winner
2/7/10: 5th Place Scenery Winner

What do you think of her ? Would you make your medoll white ?
If you will ever make a bet with someone, to make your medoll white, then think about what a white MeDoll is! 


  1. Wow :o . I like white ; but .. ^^ .
    Anyways ; really cool .

  2. Yeah, I agree with the anon above^ the girl went on a white rampage!

  3. Love the idea,but it looks sooo weird and CREATIVE!I bet noone had this idea before :)